Simple DIY Style: Braided Mohawk Bun

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DIY Braided Mohawk Bun
From everyday braid styles to undo’s for special occasions, we’ve got everything you need to create an easy yet elegant hairstyle all by yourself. Sometimes, reinventing your look and feeling like a million bucks is as simple a trying something new with your hair.
This braided mohawk bun is a simple style that easily transitions from day to night and can be worn dressed up or casual. Working with hair that is already waved, add some Redken Pillow Proof Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo at the root to absorb any oils from the scalp and create a slightly ruffed-up texture.
Start with a part that extends from both temples back towards the crown of the head. Create an inverted french braid beginning quite close to the front hairline.
Secure the braid at the crown with an elastic. Working from back to front, loosen the outside sections to add volume to your braid.
Gather the unbraided ends of the section and begin twisting, pulling random pieces out as you go. Let the section twist in onto itself and create a bun shape.
Secure with pins and finish with Redken Windblown Hairspray for an airy, ethereal feel.